Uncertainty Management in projects – A new perspective

Authors: Siva Ekambaram and Agnar Johansen

2011, Presented at the IPMA World Congress, Brisbane, Australia


This paper focuses on a Norwegian research project, called “Practical uncertainty management in a project owner’s perspective – in short, the PUS-project. The PUS-project had 6 major industrial partners – from public and private sectors. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were associated with this collaborative project work. This paper describes some of the major results produced by the PUS-project. In this regard, this paper touches upon approaches, methods and practices related to managing uncertainty in projects. The PUS-project emphasised on the role of project owner and giving adequate consideration on opportunities, when it comes to managing uncertainty. This emphasis, which is not common in the project world, is discussed in this paper with relevant theories and practical examples. This paper also presents examples from the industry to highlight some of the benefits that the involved organisations obtained in collaboration with the PUS-project – a research project’s contribution to create value in the industry.