Opportunities in Projects and the Role of Project Owners

Authors: Siva Ekambaram, Agnar Johansen and Ole Jermstad

2010, Paper presented at IPMA World Congress, Istanbul, Turkey


Dealing with uncertainty (risk) is a vital part of project management. Uncertainty includes threats and opportunities. Several research studies show that organisations focus notably more on threats than on opportunities, when it comes to managing uncertainty in their projects. This paper chooses to look at opportunities; how to identify and create opportunities in projects. Exploring potential opportunities in a project and utilising them require, among other things, a broader understanding of the project as well as of its effect, and a greater influencing power in the organisation. In this regard, this paper takes into account the role of project owners and their interaction with project managers. Interviews and action research were applied to collect data in this study. This paper provides an understanding of the importance of focusing on opportunities in managing uncertainty in projects and how the role of project owners can facilitate identifying and creating opportunities in projects.