Uncertainty management in the Directorate of Public Construction and Property, Norway (Statsbygg). From an immature to mature actor

Authors: Siva Ekambaram, Agnar Johansen, Ragnhild Aalstad and Asbjørn Hansen

2010, Paper presented at IPMA World Congress, Istanbul, Turkey.


This paper deals with uncertainty management in projects that have been carried out by the directorate of public construction and property in Norway, called “Statsbygg”. Statsbygg is one of the 6 organisations that are involved in a research project called “Practical uncertainty management in a project owner perspective” – in short, the PUS-project. Statsbygg started to cooperate with the PUS-project through its own development project. This paper describes how Statsbygg has tried to improve its uncertainty management practices in collaboration with the PUS-project from 2006 to 2010. Results of this collaboration are, among other things, development of a new model and methodology for uncertainty analysis, new procedures and a guideline, a training / learning module, a new system for monthly reporting, uncertainty matrix and a new role (uncertainty coordinator) in all the projects in Statsbygg. Both qualitative and quantitative research methods were applied in connection with this study.