Bjørn Johs. Kolltveit

Bjørn Kolltveit

Honory member

Associate Professor, BI and NHH



+47 2257 6201


26. November 2009


Honorary Membership awareded:

Bjørn Johs. Kollveit was center director of the Norsk senter for prosjektledelse for the period up to the center was etsblished, and was after start-up assistant center director until 2002. Kolltveit thus played a very important role in effort to establish the Norsk senter for prosjektledelse and build the network, which today constitutes the core of the Center's activities. In addition, Kolltveit's skills as a project manager was shown in practice, including as project manager for the construction of the BI's new construction in Nydalen. Furthermore was Kolltveit project manager for a number of research projects within the project and was author of a wide range of books and articles in the field, including with Torger Reve and Jon Lereim. Kolltveit is appointed honorary member for his tireless efforts for the promotion of the project subject and as the driving force for the joint development of the field.