P033 Project Owner || Project Manager


Complete title:

The relations between the roles as Project Owner and Project Manager

Project Manager:

Professor Erling S Andersen , BI

Project Coworkers:

Associate professor Anne Live Vaagaasar, BIMaster student Jan-Kåre Berglid

Participating organisations:

Jernbaneverket, Norsk Hydro, Statoil, Statsbygg, Telenor

Time periode:

March 2009 July 2010

Purpose and objectives:

Improve awareness on the role as project owner. Eventually, organisations have fostered competent and experienced project managers; however, they have not developed the same level of competence or experience as project owners.

Intended deliverables:

Journal arcticles. Conference papers.Seminar 2010


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Project managerErling S. Andersen

Downloadable documents (some are available in Norwegain only):