Kjell Austeng

Kjell Austeng

Honorary member







1. December 2011


Kjell Austeng has contributed many things to the project discipline during his 40 year career, and it is difficult to point out only few of them. However, his tireless efforts to promote uncertainty analysis and management in projects, through 24 years of his work at NTH (later NTNU), is worth mentioning. He was one of the board members of the research project called Project 2000. Later, when NSP was resulted from this research project, Kjell was one of the board members of NSP for 9 years.  He has helped to establish training and education programs, and he has acted as a process leader in cost and uncertainty analysis sessions. He has also contributed to building a knowledge base in the field of project management with a number of articles presented in international conferences, numerous reports and books. Hence, his contribution is very significant both for the academia and for the practical professional world that deal with the field of project management.