Research Projects associated with Project Norway

Below you will find a list of all the projects carried out in association with Project Norway. Contact the research coordinator for more information.




P038 Projecting in construction industry In progress  
P037 PPM in Practice In progress  
P036 Estimation, budgeting and economics In progress  
P035 Governance, Trust and Ethics In progress  
P034 Project Society II Completed  
P033 The relation Project Owner || Project Manager



Early warning signs in complex projects

P031 Agile project management (in Norwegian only) Completed  
P030 Global projects Terminated  

New ISO standard in project management

In progress  
P028 Project Society Completed  
P027 Development and evaluation of collaborative incentive models in the construction industry Completed  
P026 ProjectWiki (in Norwegian only) In progress  
P025 Practical uncertainty management in perspective of project owners In progress  
P024 Project owner and uncertainty management (preparatory project) Completed  
P023 Effective uncertainty management (preparatory project) Completed  
P022 Experience Transfer and Competence Developement Completed  
P021 Organisational challenges due to digitalisation of information in offshore value chains


P020 Uncertainty analyses Completed  
P019 PPP in construction projects Completed (in Norwegian only)
P018 Return on investment II Terminated  
P017 The use of Project Offices in major project organisations Completed  
P016 Team composition and team development in projects Completed  
P015 Knowledge management in project organisations Completed  
P014 Uncertainty analyses as educational arenas Completed  
P013 Implementing management by projects Completed  
P012 Efficient project startup Completed  
P011 Return on investment Completed  
P010 Productivity and logistics in construction projects Completed  
P009 Competence perspectives in projects Completed  
P008 Project work environments and burn out Completed  
P007 Practical virtual project organisations Completed  
P006 Contract standard for IT maintenance projects Completed  
P005 Practical project control Completed  
P004 BONUS project: Early phase and uncertainty management in construction industry Completed  
P003 Managing project stakeholders Completed  
P002 Virtual project organisations Completed  
P001 Management by projects Completed