PhD Candidates Affiliated with Project Norway

Continuous education of PhD candidates is important for the long-term research activities within project management. This is why Project Norway encourages and promotes PhD education, and continuously works to find funding for more stipends.

PhD Candidates (past and current)


Topic for the dissertation


Marte Pettersen Buvik

The impact of trust climate and cross-functional cooperation on knowledge sharing and team performance in cross-functional project teams.

In progress
Torill Meistad

Sustainability in the construction industry. Attitudes, learning and spreadnig of environmental friendly building solutions.  

In progress
Linda C. Hald

Technology for project management of research - A study of cooperation arenas in international r&d projects.

In progress
Kai Haakon Kristensen

«Building Design Management – Management of the Cooperative Design and its Interdisciplinary Functions»

Public defence 20.06.2013
Wenche Aarseth  Ensuring success in Global Projects Public defence 27.03.2012
Therese Dille
Managing and organizing inter-institutional projects   Public defence 18.09.2013
Hans Petter Krane

“Uncertainty Management of Projects from the Owner’s Perspective, with Main Focus on Managing Delivered Functionality “

Public defence 07.04.2011
Ole M. Magnussen Effects of up-front assessment and quality assurance of major investment projects Public defence 21.06.2010
Jan Alexander Langlo Where is all the knowledge we have lost in information? A study on communication and information quality in interorganisational project processes

Public defence 11.06.2010 

Ole Jonny Klakegg Governance of Major Public Investment Projects - In Pursuit of Relevance and Sustainability Completed 11.02.2010
Siva Ekambaram  The role of knowledge transfer in reducing "reinvention of the wheel" in project organizations Completed
Ola Lædre The importance of early phase evaluation on contract selection in construction projects (In Norwegian) Completed
Anne Live Vaagaasar From Tool to Actor - How a project came to orchestrate its own life and that of others project Completed
Nils Olsson Project Flexibility in Large Engineering Projects Completed


After the doctoral defense is completed, the theses will be available at the corresponding institution (department / organization) where the doctoral candidate is attached to. Contact the institutions directly, if you want a printed copy of the thesis.

Partners of the Center have free access to electronic copy via their contact person.

General inquiries are to be addressed to General Manager at Project Norway.

The Concept Research Programme has created special pages for PhD students in project management. These pages are open to all, and serve as a forum for exchange of experience and point of contact between various students. Follow this link to access the pages.