P021 - ORD


Full name:

Organizational challenges in degitalizing information in the oil and gas sector

Project manager:

 Bjørn Andersen, NTNU

Project resources:

Anders Hellebust, SINTEF
Mads Veiseth, SINTEF
Ralph Levene, Cranfield School of Management London
Wenche Aarseth, SINTEF
Tian Sørhaug, Universitetet i Oslo
Heidi C Dreyer, NTNU
Jan Alexander Langlo, NTNU

Participating organizations:

Hydro Olje og Energi
Norske Shell
Aker Kværner
Bjørge Solberg & Andersen
Oljeindustriens Landsforening
TBL Offshore
GE Nuovo Pignone

Fire Protection Engineering AS
Maritime Hydraulics
KOP Eureka Pump Systems
Aker Kværner Engineering and Technology
Dresser- Rand
ABB Automasjon AS

Project duration:

2004 - 2006


Main objective of the project is to map, analyze, and contribute solutions to organizational problems and challenges that could hinder digitalization of information in value chains in the oil and gass sector. Another objective of the project is to create dialog between participants in the value chain in the Norwegian oils and gass sector, and ease cooperation between the involved parties.

The results are to be used to carry out changes in relations both internally in individual organization and between organizations that are participating in the research project.




www.ord.sintef.no (in Norwegian only)


Bjørn Andersen