P014 - USIP

Full name:

Uncertainty analyses as learning arenas (USIP)

Project manager:

Jan Alexander Langlo , SINTEF

Project resources:

Agnar Johansen
Nils Olsson
Lars E Onsøyen
Bjørnar Henriksen
Linda Hald

Participating organizations:

Statens vegvesen


Project duration:

2003 - 2006


The project group has received the following mandate for phase 2:

  • develop a means that enables goverment agencies to prepare and conduct internal and external quality assurance processes better
  • develop a future-oriented solution / process model that can contribute to improve interaction between government agencies / projects and external quality assurance authority in phase QA 2 (in Norwegian: KS 2), and thus support the involved parties to learn more
The project is based on the premises that the external qualitry assurance regime is established, and that the consideration on checking and the independence shall be ensured.

Research report "Erfaringsoverføring gjennom KS2- en samhandlingsmodell"
Handbook: "Veien gjennom KS 2"  ISBN 82-14-02998-8 These deliveries are in Norwegian only. If you want, you can order them in our website.




Jan Alexander Langlo

Agnar Johansen