Project Norway and CII Collaboration Agreement

After representatives of the center visited CII in Austin in Texas in August 2012, collaboration between NSP and CII has been formally established, based on a signed memorandum of agreement. CII was originally an inspirational source for  the start of the center and continues to inspire by being a kind of a "big brother" that has a much larger membership base than us. A stronger cooperation between Project Norway and CII will offer greater benefits to our partners and is a boost for Project Norway. 

In more concrete terms, the collaboration involves the following aspects:

  • Participation in each others' research projects as well as collaboration to establish joint projects, something that we will actively pursue when new projects are started.
  • Sharing and disseminating each others' research results through several channels. This means that Project Norway members can access CII materials at significantly reduced prices.
  • Participation in CII's so called "Communities of Practice", internet-based gatherings where the companies share their experiences around several focus areas.
  • Establishment of a Performance Assessment Laboratory (PAL) for Norway, linking Project Norway to CII's benchmarking database, where the members can compare their own projects with more than 2000 projects from different sectors.

More information about CII is available in their website: