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Tittel på avhandling:

Increased efficiency of the building process with the use of BIM, based on experience from the oil and gas industry

Beskrivelse av forskningsprosjektet: 

In recent years, the construction industry has seen an increase in larger and more complex building projects. As part of this development, the construction industry would benefit from gathering knowledge from other relevant industries. The oil and gas industry has invested heavily in development of new technology and in managing large and complex projects. The focus of my PhD is to assess how major oil and gas projects are executed, through Kvaerner, one of Norway’s largest EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractors. I seek to identify findings that can be adapted to the construction industry and contribute to improved efficiency of the building process. An important factor to successful management and execution of major oil and gas projects is the use of a project execution model (PEM), with focus on processes, deliverables, decisions and interfaces. This, combined with the utilization of a model based 3D design environment, or building information modeling (BIM) as the corresponding term is in the construction industry, will be the main scope of my research.