Cristian Roberto Valle Kinloch

phd stipendiat








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Methodologies for Improvement of Non-residential buildings Day-to-day Energy-efficiency Reliability (MINDER):


In Norway and in other countries ambitions for energy efficient buildings are steadily increasing. One of the critical points in this development is whether the buildings' actual energy performance can be kept close to the level of their original ambitions. The difference between energy consumption as calculated during the design phase and the actual energy consumption of the building during its use phase, is commonly known  as the "energy performance gap". This project contemplates the mapping of the implementation of key concepts, methods and measures aiming to narrow the “gap”, in the Norwegian non-residential building-stock. Results will be used to identify a limited number of cases which are studied in depth in order to deepen our understanding of critical success factors and potentials for improvement. Particular attention will be spent on the exploration of improvements inspired by insights from the fields of product design and social science. The ultimate goal of this project is to contribute to the creation of virtuous circles between buildings and their use and operation in everyday life that are able to stabilize or even improve the buildings' energy efficiency.