Agnar Johansen





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S.P. Andersens vei 5, 7031 Trondheim 



Tittel på avhandling:

”Project Uncertainty Management a New Approach – the ‘Lost Opportunities’ - Practical Uncertainty Management Seen From a Project Joint Perspective”


In this thesis, uncertainty management in a single project environment has been researched.  This thesis consisting of 9 chapters, appendix I contain published papers that this thesis was built upon. Appendix II is the bibliography from the project "Practical uncertainty management in a project owner’s perspective ("The PUS project"), and appendix III presents references.

At the early 2000, uncertainty analysis becoming more or less mandatory for large projects in Norway. But, it was no clear evidence that the companies and projects really used the result from the analysis afterwards in managing the uncertainty. A lot of projects experienced that they had done uncertainty analysis but they could not use the results in the projects uncertainty management process. Some of the issues that can be looked at in this regard are: Who should be involved in the uncertainty management process? What type of uncertainty or risks should be addressed in the process?  Who should be responsible for following up the uncertainty on a more strategic and tactical levels?  Who "owns" the process and who should be responsible for managing it?  What kind of practical tools do we need and how should the uncertainty management process be organized?