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Tittel på avhandling:

Principles and tools for bioclimatic architecture – an applied review and analysis in Norwegian context

Beskrivelse av avhandlingen:

The comparison between climate and comfort represents a fundamental step for the implementation of energy efficiency in buildings. It determines the design strategies that are best suited for a specific climatic context, as well as the level of architectural complexity.

A climate / comfort comparison in cold climatic contexts would suggest the use of compact shapes and extremely airtight and insulating envelopes, in order to minimize heat losses while maximizing solar heat gains. However, when combined with high internal gains, these measures might cause overheating problems in the warm seasons. That is the case of office buildings, where cooling equipment is included as default even in extremely cold climates (Norway), drastically increasing the energy use. It is therefore becoming a necessity to consider there the adoption of passive strategies once identified with lower latitudes, such as cooling, ventilation and solar control.

The aim of this research is to question, in the first place, if there is a need to revise the validity of the existing methodology and tools for passive architecture in the climatic context of Norway. Secondly, it will explore if new boundary conditions in bioclimatic design are requiring new methodologies, but also opening new possibilities thanks to new technologies, materials and tools.

This study will be conducted through the use of numerical methodologies in combination with simulation software and real building monitoring, to perform an iterative model calibration that allows us to adapt the bioclimatic charts to office buildings in Norway.