Paulos Abebe Wondimu



Institutt for bygg, anlegg og transport, NTNU





Institutt for bygg, anlegg og transport, NTNU

7491 Trondheim


Høgskoleringen 7A

Tittel på avhandling:

Implementation strategies and contract types


The type of contract and implementation strategy is central for proper completion of the project within the timeframe and budget. However, it should be decided at the very early age of the project, while having very limited information about the project. Taking into consideration the magnitude and complexity of the project and the number of actors that will be involved at different phases of Norway`s coastal highway E39, there is a need for a deep study of which contract types and implementation strategies that suit the project.  Intensive study at early age is mandatory in order to succeed with overall goal of the project and to bring benefit out of the project.

The results of this PhD work will be used as input to the project group of Coastal Highway Route E39 further work, decisions making and additional researches on this project. It will also contribute to the knowledge needed to develop a new contract strategies and contract types that suits for coastal highway route E39 project and other megaprojects.